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fat isn’t an insult skinny isn’t a compliment they’re just words describing body types please drill that in your heads

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My fucking bitch!

My love for khole is so real

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I love being a bitch but i also love being nice

Literally me

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get out your VCR’s it’s time to watch The Prince of Egypt. or you can watch it here.

please don’t watch exodus: gods and kings because it’s icky and racist. you deserve better. you deserve the prince of egypt.

Not to mention the fact that if they were even going to show the difference between Moses and the Egyptians, Moses would have been darker skinned than the Egyptians… but Egyptians weren’t white. 

Seriously, people need to stop glamorizing Biblical stories because they can hold their own like The Prince of Egypt or Joseph King of Dreams. All these movies do is whitewash and misrepresent the stories that are better than what Hollywood has wrote. 

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My nigga nick.

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